Our reimbursement program allows you to send someone on your team to a CCSNH program at half tuition.

Take advantage of our Workforce Training Reimbursement Grant. Here’s how it works: Per grant requirements, you pay for your employee to take an eligible course at a participating CCSNH college. As long as the course is completed with a “C” or better, we’ll cover half the cost!

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Student Co-op

If you have a co-op student who is currently on your payroll, this program allows you to send them to a participating community college class for half the cost.

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State Inspection Training

State inspections are a vital part of your motor vehicle business. Get ahead of the game and send your technician to an inspection class hosted at a NH community college near you.

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Grow Your Own Workforce

With help from this grant, you can send a team member to a community college automotive class near you. Upon completion, you receive half the tuition back. It’s a win-win for both you and your employee!

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