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Adam Memmolo Mar 21, 2024 9:09:35 AM 6 min read

NHAEF, ApprenticeshipNH, & Merchants Auto: Elevating Auto Tech

Since its inception, ApprenticeshipNH has served as a resource to support and educate our future automotive workforce in a structured and intentional way. 

Recently, Merchants Auto celebrated several employees who graduated from Phase I of the ApprenticeshipNH program, completing the first four courses toward an associate's degree in automotive. 

Phase one includes $2,000 in tuition, covering the Intro to Automotive program (Maintenance and Light Repair) as well as Basic Electrical at one of the five Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) locations. Additional resources include wage matching up to $15.00/hour, and now, even basic tools to get started can be covered. With the completion of 2,000 work hours and specific tasks completed in the industry, an entry-level technician will become a phase one completer. This gives employers a technician with a firm foundation to get started in the industry.  

But what if you have a technician that wants more? Do you have a future A-Tech on your hands? 

Together, the NHADA Foundation, Merchants Auto, and ApprenticeshipNH, have finalized Phase II of the program. This includes an additional 2,000 more work hours and courses for braking systems, steering, and suspension. Apprentices who complete Phase II will have a total of 4,000 work hours and experience with specific tasks in the industry.

Joe Wentworth of Merchants Automotive highlights the program in strong support: “With the introduction of the ‘Tune Up Mechanic’ tier, Merchants Auto proudly unveils the next level of our comprehensive apprenticeship program in partnership with NHADA. This tier represents a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to nurture and develop top-tier automotive talent. The progression to this second tier in our program is a testament to our commitment to providing an in-depth, hands-on learning experience for our apprentices, paving the way for their success in the automotive industry.”

What's next?

It is our intention to follow up with Phase III of the program, which will bring a technician all the way through an associate's degree in applied science. This will provide a stackable solution to personalize technician training for anyone looking to pursue a career in automotive. 

To learn more on how to get involved with ApprenticeshipNH and grow your workforce, please reach out to foundation@nhada.com.