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Kate Amrol Jun 23, 2022 3:55:03 PM 6 min read

Over $70K in Scholarships to Students Pursuing Automotive Careers!

It’s scholarship season and the NHADA Foundation has awarded over $70,000 in scholarships to students who are pursuing careers in automotive through the Community College System of NH (CCSNH)!

The demand for auto technicians is at an all-time high and we are competing with other industries whose demand is even higher; but what sets us apart in the competitive labor market is the tried-and-true model that the NHADA has built over the years. The association as a whole, through the efforts of our members and partners, continues to support a model of workforce development that shows students a defined pathway and provides a support system to ensure success in the industry. Scholarships are one of the ways we can ease the financial burden for future techs to get the training and education they need to keep the workforce strong.

golf21The NHADA scholarships are made possible by various events throughout the year such as our Drive for a Tech Golf tournament and our Big Raffle. These events raised over $175,000 to support scholarships and other NHADA Foundation initiatives. This would not be possible without the generous contributions and participation of our NHADA members and partners. The Exeter New Car Dealers Association has made significant contributions to the scholarship fund as well.

This June, the scholarship committee reviewed 51 applications from graduating seniors and 1st-year CCSNH college students. Each graduating senior received a $1500 scholarship and each college student received a $1000 scholarship.
Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients:

  • Ibrahim Abbas
  • William Adams
  • Madison Andrews
  • Tyler Baron
  • Sebastian Batista
  • Ryan Belkus
  • Ryan Benzevich
  • Holden Burke
  • Tyler Busby
  • Jeremiah Champlin
  • John Collins
  • Zachary Cook
  • Colby Delaney
  • Nicholas DiPiero
  • Ryan Donaldson
  • Cody Eastman
  • Justin Filteau
  • Brett French
  • Austin Godin
  • Domenic Governanti
  • Ryan Hoelzel
  • William Hollister
  • Isabella Holmes
  • Daniel Jepson
  • TJ Jon
  • Joseph Kane
  • Brady LeClair
  • Gabriel Loui
  • Christian Matthew
  • Alyssa Merrill
  • Jacob Merrill
  • Owen Merrill
  • Michael Miller
  • Alex Morrill
  • Anthony Perez
  • Josiah Pero
  • Jacob Pinard
  • Mason Rogers
  • Colby Rousseau
  • Hunter Russell
  • Christopher Ryan
  • Dominick Saunders
  • Bryan Sisneroz
  • Andrew Steele
  • Adam Tavarez
  • Tyler Thompson
  • Gregory Tilton
  • Sean Tracy
  • Nolan Weiner
  • Cody Winchell
  • Aftab Zaman  

“I want to have a long, successful career in the automotive industry enough so that I can learn for years to come and raise a family”, says scholarship recipient, Sean T. “This scholarship will help me tremendously in my path to be successful in the automotive field. Thank you everyone from the NHADA for your time and consideration of providing the opportunity of this scholarship.”


This year at our Big Raffle, McFarland Ford won the grand prize of $25,000 and donated it back to the Foundation. To honor this generous donation, the Foundation established a Ford ASSET scholarship program. Each student who applied and is attending the Ford ASSET program will receive a $1000 scholarship this year and remaining funds will be available for students who are applying next year. Congratulations to the following McFarland Ford scholarship recipients:

  • Owen Merrill
  • Josiah Pero
  • Mason Rogers
  • Matthew Smith
  • Gregory Tilton
  • Daniel White
  • Tyler Busby
  • Nolan Weiner
  • Andrew Steele

We will be heading out on our Summer Scholarship Tour over the next few weeks to hand-deliver scholarships to the lucky recipients. Follow us on social media to see where we go!


Kate Amrol

Workforce Development Coordinator